100% Authentic Raw Organic Unrefined - Grade A - Nigerian Shea Butter ( 453.59 g / 1 lbs)

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100% Authentic Raw Organic Unrefined Nigerian Shea Butter


Nigeria is the leading exporter of Shea butter in the world and the Shea tree is grown in about 21 States of the 36 available in Nigeria. Shea butter produced in Nigeria has a very good quality and is abundant in quantity, especially during the peak period (June – November). We source fair trade butters from reliable source in Nigeria.


The Difference Between West And East African Shea Butter

In Africa, there are two dominant species of shea nuts the Vitellaria Paradoxa and Vitellaria Nilotica. Vitellaria Paradoxa is dominant and found in West African countries Such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, and some other countries. Vitellaria Nilotica is found mainly in Uganda.

As a user of shea butter, you should know the differences between both varieties. The West African type has better consistency, works well in most formulations and is not too soft. It also has a higher melting point, greater concentration of sterol and Vitamin A, and a lower concentration of oleic acid when compared with the East African shea butter.


Three Major Grades Of Shea Butter Exported From Nigeria:

At the moment, there is no official grading system for shea butter (The African Organization for Standardization is working on one). The only shea-related grading standard was developed by the Global Shea Alliance, but only for shea kernels. However, the following are generally accepted grades of shea butter.


1. The Unrefined Shea Butter

This is extracted directly and has not undergone any processing steps. It is natural and has no additional substance. The natural Shea butter is soft and in varying yellowish color. This is the best of all types to use when it comes to moisturizing skin and hair and also for healing purposes. It has all its natural strength as it has not been altered and diluted by industries.


2. The Refined Shea Butter

This Shea butter has been through some processing thereby losing the natural color, smell, and other natural strengths. It is heated to a very high temperature causing it to bleach and deodorize. This heat will cause the Shea butter to lose some effective ingredient present in it.


3. The Ultra-Refined Shea Butter

At this stage, the Shea butter would have gone through two or more filtering, this will make it change the original composition. The color would have changed to white. It is a major material in the production of many cosmetics products. The filtering processes would have removed some of the natural healthy nutrients, making it less healthy for consumption. Also, some of the additives added during the process can make it unhealthy for consumption’s sake.


In addition to the above, export-grade refined shea butter (useful in the cosmetics industry) is expected to have the following:


Low Free Fatty Acid (FFA < 1%)

Low peroxide value (< 2 milliequivalents per kg, mEq/kg)

Low level of impurity (< 0.2%)

Low moisture content (<0.2%)




Distributed: Ontario, Canada

*shea butter comes in many different shades, depending on the reagion the trees grown in and environmental factors. Product may not look exaclty as depicted in image.  Small debre may be vsible from prodcution.